Deja is an impressive young woman with a plan.  Born in sunny Ft. Lauderdale in 1995, she moved to Atlanta in 2003 when her Mom received a job offer.  I think Deja brought the sun with her in her personality because it is just about as sunny as they come. 


She began working at Nelson Mullins in May 2018 and has aspirations to become a powerhouse attorney who is also recognized as a community leader and socialite.  Deja wants to be a door opener for others, encouraging them to come behind her and inspiring them to follow their own dreams through her actions.  Somehow, I believe her door is going to swing widely, and she will be a positive force for many. 

She is a young lady with a vision to create a non-profit down the road with the mission of shedding light on the challenges that Black and Brown children face in our education and criminal justice systems.  Admitting that the idea itself is a work in progress, she is also very certain that the purpose is clear. 

When asked how she wanted people to remember her, she said that “I hope that my legacy is rooted in humility, self-sacrifice, and truth.  Ultimately, I want to be remembered for being a woman who was kind, considerate, and passionate.  When people reflect on my life and all the things that I was able to accomplish, I want them to be able to say, ‘Deja lived a full life, and she lived on purpose.’” 

When Deja is not working towards her career goals, she enjoys shopping, trying new restaurants, and hanging out with family and friends.  She is a big music enthusiast, stating that music has always been a staple in her life, and she loves making random music playlists almost weekly, classifying it as her hobby. 


Deja, you are amazing.  Twenty-three, beautiful, full of passion and purpose, and living the authentic life you want for yourself.  You, my dear, are going to shine bright like a diamond.  You already do.