Recently, I was hired for a mini-session to create updated actor headshots for Ed Corbin.  We had such a great time in our short time together.


He has a winning personality, and as might be expected, he was an absolute natural in front of the camera.  

I try to end a session with a shot or two just for me ... one that I have envisioned when preparing for a session or one that comes to me during a session  Ed was kind enough to let me get my shot when we were finished. 

As a short-statured photographer, I am very glad I brought my little ladder with me, as Ed is anything but short-statured!   


Thanks, Ed, for being so easy to work with. I hope to work with you again. Send your friends my way!  

If you need a new headshot, contact me at jbrunerphotography@yahoo.com, and I can assist you with that.