The BB&T Atlanta Tennis Open took place recently at Atlantic Station.  One of our attorneys has a giant Wilson tennis ball in his office that I’ve had my eye on for quite some time, and I have periodically pondered how I could use it in a picture.  Easier said than done without a tripod and remote.  I have short arms!  

As I am trying to hold the ball and line up my shot so a BB&T Open sign is not only in the picture but in good focus along with the large tennis ball in the palm of my left hand, I hear soft laughing coming up behind me.  Yep.  Enter Kevin Simmons.  And he is watching what I am doing and loving the large tennis ball.  So, I asked him if he would help me get the shot, and he was very glad to help me.  And I then got another shot for him, which is below.  

I certainly wasn’t thinking of Faces in a Flash when I went down there.  I was thinking of my 365 Project. 

Kevin and I didn’t have much time to say very much to each other during this quick encounter.  But it was obvious that he was a guy with a great sense of humor, a fantastic personality, and a caring spirit, as evidenced not only by his presence, but also by his t-shirt.

Turns out Kevin is the Sales Director of the parent group of Sage Foundation.  Sage Foundation is committed to taking action to build sustainable social, economic and entrepreneurial opportunities in local communities.  Sage Foundation provides time, resources, and technology so non-profit organizations can help more people reach their true potential.  To learn more about The Sage Foundation, you can visit www.sage.com/company/sage_foundation

Thanks, Kevin, for helping me get my shot.  Keep doing the great work you do.  It was great connecting with you for a little while.